How vitamin E keeps muscles healthy

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    Vitamin E schützt nicht nur Blutfette im Serum vor ihrer Oxidation, sondern repariert auch die Zellmembranen, hier gezeigt für Muskelzellen und die Vermeidung von Muskelschwund. Und wenn es für die Reparatur der Membranen so wichtig ist, dann wird es wohl auch für den Muskelumbau (Hypertrophie) essentiell sein.

    An article published in the July 2015 issue of Free Radical Biology & Medicine provides an explanation of how vitamin E helps build muscle.

    "We previously showed that vitamin E supplementation promotes membrane repair in cultured cells and that oxidants potently inhibit repair," write Paul L. McNeil and colleagues. "Here we provide three independent lines of evidence that vitamin E is required for skeletal muscle myocyte plasma membrane repair in vivo."

    For their research, Dr McNeil and his associates fed rats normal rodent chow, chow lacking vitamin E, or deficient chow plus supplemental vitamin E and tested their ability to run downhill on a treadmill. Vitamin E-deficient animals demonstrated reduced running ability compared to normal rats and showed increased muscle cell plasma membrane permeability. Examination of the deficient animals‘ quadriceps muscle fibers revealed diminished size and greater inflammation.

    "Every cell in your body has a plasma membrane, and every membrane can be torn," Dr McNeil explained. "Part of how we build muscle is a more natural tearing and repair process — that is the no pain, no gain portion — but if that repair doesn’t occur, what you get is muscle cell death. If that occurs over a long period of time, what you get is muscle-wasting disease."

    "This means, for the first time, 83 years after its initial discovery, we know what the cellular function of vitamin E is, and knowing that cellular function, we can now ask whether we can apply that knowledge to medically relevant areas," he announced.

    Dr McNeil predicts that vitamin E supplementation will be used not only to improve muscle cell membrane repair in diseases such as muscular dystrophy, but as a protective measure for individuals at risk of injury, such as military personnel. "The major medical significance here is yet to be uncovered," he said.…muscles-healthy

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